04-07-2023 AeonWave version 3.12.4 released
Improved bitcrusher filter. Allow assigning both the delay-line effect and the delay-effects (phasing/chorus/flanging) simultaneously. Fix the envelope release time. Get the real latency from Pipewire. Use the fastest path for fmadd, atan and roundps. NEON fixes.
23-02-2023 AeonWave version 3.12.3 released
Repackaged to use the latest ZeroXML. Switch tot ZeroXML version 2.0+. Add the get_gain, get_reverb_level and get_chorus_level functions to the AeonWave class. Use xmlNodeCompareName when processing backends and the sound section of AAXS files.
24-01-2023 Advanced Grooves instrument set 4.1.5 available
Improved Jazz Toms, Scratches, Laughing, Applause, Contra Bases, Brass Sections, Synth Brass, Orchestra Hits, Classic Polysynth Pad, Saxophones, Bowed instruments, Voice Oohs, Choir Aahs, Charang
Added a Key-On event to Flutes, Key-Off events for Brass instruments
21-12-2022 AeonWave version 3.12.2 released
Improved ARM64 support. Add double precision NEON support. Correctly apply the master gain. Much improved Arcade and Synthesizer rendering modes. Fix a out of bound error for vec3. Fix a problem when stopping a note before it was started.
16-10-2022 Advanced Grooves instrument set 4.1.3 available
Improved Cymbals, Pianos, Muted Trumpet, Clear Bells, Pan Flute, Nylon Guitars, Harpsichords, Brass instruments, Voices, Voice Oohs, Wind Chime, Tubular Bells, Bell Tree, Bag Pipe. Add the Bell Heaven, Chorus Jazz Bass, Bras Hit, Brass Fall, Resonant Slap, Double Pick, Electric Grand Piano+Rhodes 1, Sequenced Analog, Bass Sequenced, Heavy Synth/Big Lead, Acid Bass, Acid Guitar 1, Acid Guitar 2, Choir Hahs. Load Glock, Round Glock, Glock Chime, OB Strings, OB Sawtooth, Tremolo Mandolin, Fast Distortion Guitar, LP Overdriven Guitar, Key-Off Picked Bass/Harmonics, Expressive Key-Off Obo, Expressive Soprano Sax Volume match all instruments to the Concert Piano. Fix the Pick Bass.
27-08-2022 Advanced Grooves instrument set 4.1.2 available
Add layers to orchestra drums. Add key-off events to numerous instruments. Improved low-end of the Acoustic Pianos. Improved Blues Guitars, Jazz Bases, Feedback Guitars. Add the Twin Trumpets, Doctor Solo, Gao Hu and Er Hu
27-08-2022 AeonWave version 3.12.1 released
Fix Bessel frequency filter rendering speed improvements for SSE2.
11-08-2022 AeonWave version 3.12.0 released
Implement a PipeWire audio backend. Rendering speed improvements between 15% and 60% for the frequency filter. Re-synchronize the midi instruments. Report I/O errors. Clean up numerous allocated memory locations at exit. Fix possible cracking-sounds caused by an unnecessary all-pass filter step in reverb.
11-08-2022 Advanced Grooves instrument set 4.1.0 available
Improved: Hammer action for Piano's. Brighter Choir Aahs and Echo Vox. Warm Pad, Synth Bass, Synth Brass, Poly Synth, FX 1 (Rain), FX 4 (Atmosphere), Synth Strings, Marimba, Steel Drum, Clavinets, Muted and Jazz Guitars, Clavi Pad Orchestra configurations, Muted Dist. guitar and Orchestra+Horns.
Added: Vent Synth, Chorus Aahs and Unison Slap. 80's Synth variants of a number of synthesizer sounds.
23-03-2022 AeonWave version 3.11.1 released
Fix a regression in the streaming audio code.
22-02-2022 AeonWave version 3.11.0 released
Add support for AIFF and snd/au files. Support retrieving .pls .m3u and .m3u8 playlists. A complete overhaul of the WAV handling code. Add stream writing to OGG/Vorbis. Add specific AL, GS and XG configuration files for chorus and reverb.
21-06-2021 AeonWave version 3.10.0 released
Improved MP3 playback. Add a delay-line effect. Rework how gain, expression, pressure and soft-mode interact for the final volume in the Instrument class. Fix possible segmentation faults for empty sound sections of AAXS files, the ALSA backend and internal use of the _batch_atanps function.
12-01-2021 AeonWave version 3.9.1 released
Much improved top-end for synthesizer buffer playback. Removed a number of sources of possible small audio glitches. Fix a situation where the pointer could get a value before the start of the buffer when generating noise. Explicitly set handle->ctx to NULL for PulseAudio when it is destroyed to prevent a segmentation fault.
12-01-2021 Advanced Grooves instrument set 3.3.1 available
Improved: Timpani, Cymbals, Hi-Hat, Side Stick, Conga's, Big Gong, Honky Tonk Piano, Copper Instruments, Brass Sections, Bowed instruments, Orchestra Hit, Bases, Choirs, Harp, Harpsichord, Funk guitars, Blues guitars, Helictopter, Car Engine, Propeller Aircraft, Laser Gun. Add a vintage square wave, saw wave and lead+bass to synthpop. Improved instrument selection for classic rock. Change pop-base (which is more funk) to dark finger-bass for disco. Add the Vintage lead+bass to disco. Add the Power Lead+Bass and Power Sawtooth to metal. Added: Vintage Lead+Bass, Power Lead+Bass, Voice Eehs, Voice Uuhs, Voice Iihs.
27-08-2020 AeonWave version 3.9.0 released
Implement a native PulseAudio backend. Support HTTPS streams. Speed up of up to 100% for instrument generation. Speed up of the frequency filter. A complete rewrite of reverb and non-graphical equalizer.
27-08-2020 Advanced Grooves instrument set 3.3.0 available
Improved: Bottle Blow, Fretless Bass, Bassoon, Attack Synth Bass, Clarinet, Fiddle, Pan Flute, FX Atmosphere, FX Icerain, FX Soundtrack, Sitar, String Quartet, Timpani, Melodic Tom, Tuba, Violin, Brasses, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Choir Aahs, Voice Oohs, Orchestra Hits, Harmonica's, Accordions, Effects, Drums. Blues, Classical, Classic Rock, Dance, Funk, Gospel, Jazz, Metal, Rock, Rock 'n Roll, Soul and Synthpop instruments mappings.
Added: Breathy Whistling, Hard Contra-Bass, Distorted Electric Bass, Dark Fretless Bass, Mettalic Synth Bass, Warm Synth Brass, Breath Pipe, Hard Celesta, Hard Cello, Bright Clarinet, Wood Flute, Echo Glass, Bright Harp, Synth Mallet, "Praise" Church Organ, Detuned Church Organ, Coupled Church Organ, Agogo, 80's Sci-Fi FX, Mellow Metalic pad, Distorted Blues Guitar, Overdriven Blues Guitar, Guitar Feedback, Screaming Man, Screaming Child, 50's Spaceship, Train. MT-32, Disco and House instrument mapping.
25-05-2020 Advanced Grooves instrument set 3.2.3 available
Add a richer sound to many instruments.
Improved: Big Gong, Church Bell, Banjo, Acoustic Basses, Pop Bass, Slap Bass 2, Choir Aahs, Brass Sections, Steel Drum, Taiko Drum, Pan Flute, FX's, Guitars, Leads, Painos, Strings, Bottle Blow, Fretless Bass, Bassoon, Attack Synth Bass, Clarinet, Fiddle, Pan Flute, FX Atmosphere, FX Icerain, FX Soundtrack, Sitar, String Quartet, Timpani, Melodic Tom, Tuba, Violin.
Added: Breathy Whistling, Hard Contra Bass, Distorted Electric Bass, Dark Fretless Bass, Metalic Synth Bass, Warm Synth Brass, Breath Pipe, Hard Celesta, Hard Cello, Vintage Aahs Choir, Bright Clarinet, Wood Flute, Echo Glass, Bright Harp, Double Saw Lead, Wire Lead, Soft Wire Lead, Cheese Organ, Even Bar Organ, Default-settings Hammond Organ, Sub + 12th Organ, OSCAR, Vintage Polysynth Pad, Converge Pad, Polar Pad, Shwimmer Pad, Synth Mallet. MT-32 instrument mapping.
05-05-2020 Advanced Grooves instrument set 3.1.0 available
Improved: Congas, Cuicas, Timbales, Toms, Bongos, Snare Drums, Big Gong, Small Gong, Taiko Drum, Bag Pipe, Banjo, Bases, Choirs, Flutes, FX's, Guitars, Leads, Orchestra Hits, Pads, Pianos, Strings, Theremin, Voices, Whistling, Scream, Creaking Door, Car Engine, Applause
Added: Galloping Horse, Flute Key Click, Dark Finger Bass, Jazz Bass, Muted Pick Bass, Brass Quintet, Pinch Guitar, Spanish Guitar, FM Piano, Hard FM Piano, FX FM Piano, Chorused Rhodes Piano, Hard Rhodes Piano
14-04-2020 AeonWave version 3.8.3 released
Use the Doppler factor to attenuate the sound moving towards the listener near the speed of sound. Make it possible to create a reproducible random sequence by specifying a random attribute for noise waveforms which defines the random seed.
22-03-2020 Advanced Grooves instrument set 3.0.0 available
Add expression to a lot of instruments.
Improved: Contra Bass, Cello, Viola, Violin, Brass Sections, French Horn, Trombone, Trumpet, Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Dazed Guitar, Tubular Bells, Lead Bass, Flute, Electric Pianos, Rock Organ.
Added: Breathy Flute, Barking Dog, Scream, Flute Key Click, Trotting Horse
22-02-2020 AeonWave version 3.8.2 released
Switch to binary forward, and backward, compatible strong typed handles. Add low-frequency noise as an LFO source. Add support for 1st-order only reverb only. Limit writing of stream data to known safe paths such as the user home directory and the temporary directory.
22-02-2020 Advanced Grooves instrument set 2.3.0 available
Dynamically improved Brass Sections, Saxophones, Trombones, Trumpets, Tuba and French Horn inspired by a brand new brass library by a famous composer. Improved: Choir Aahs, Voice Oohs, Bass Lead, FX Echoes, FX Goblins, Pad New-Wave, Pad New-Wave, Pad Warm, Synth Strings, Church Organs, Steel Drum, Cowbell, Agogo's, Cabasa, Pandeiro's, Shaker, Humming, Birds, Sea Shore, Applause. Added: Bass Pad, Hit Bass Pad, Overdriven Funk Guitar, Distorted Funk Guitar.
02-02-2020 Advanced Grooves instrument set 2.2.0 available
Improved Saxophones, Banjo, Synth Bases, Synth Brass 1, FX atmosphere, FX echoes, French Horn, Lead Fifths, Poly Synth Pad, Funk Guitar, Bass Lead, Voice Oohs, Humming, Choir-Aahs, and Clavinet
01-02-2020 AeonWave version 3.8.1 released
Fix a problem where calling aaxBufferReadFromStream with a handle which was not opened using one of the aaxDriverOpen functions could cause a segmentation fault.
20-01-2020 AeonWave version 3.8.0 released
Implement multi-layered reverb to support MIDI reverb. Add logarithmic envelope-following or timed frequency filtering. Reorganize the order in which the gains are applied for better envelope-following support. Fix occlusion. Fix pitch-slide timing problems. Fix a number of buffer data conversion bugs.
05-12-2019 Advanced Grooves instrument set 1.4.0 available
Improved Concert Piano, Electric Pianos, Harp, Strings, Electric Snare Drum and Cymbals. Added: String Quartets, 50's Electric guitars and quite an acceptable Theremin (50's Sci-Fi)
05-12-2019 AeonWave version 3.7.3 released
Speed ups for AVX and systems that support FMA3. Fixes for the chorus effect and timed-gain filter. Border case speedups for filters and effects.
19-11-2019 AeonWave version 3.7.2 released
Add the option to use timed-transition as an alternative to envelope-following or waveform-shapes for filters and effects. Various updates to quite a number of instruments.
31-10-2019 AeonWave version 3.7.0 released
Add an 80's FM Synthesizer, and a 70's Arcade Game Console playback mode for AAXS defined instruments. Fix combining a sound file and one or more waveforms.
31-10-2019 AeonWave-utils 2.3.0 released
Improved aaxplaymidi, aaxsstandardize and drawbar2aaxs utilities. Improved MIDI support.
17-10-2019 AeonWave version 3.6.7 released
Security fixes for stream ICY handling and Vorbis support. Speed up Brightness and Harmonic Intensity handling for instruments.
26-09-2019 AeonWave version 3.6.6 released
Completely updated default instrument set.
19-09-2019 AeonWave version 3.6.5 released
Implement support for sampled-release after an AAX_STOP message. Handle looping as specified in the smpl chunk of WAV files and handle WAV files with a data-size of 0 gracefully to prevent a crash. Fix HRTF calculation.
08-08-2019 AeonWave version 3.6.4 released
Switch to using the data-buffer handling code when handling stream ICY data to get much safer stream data handling. Faster waveform generation and bit-crusher filter.
19-07-2019 AeonWave version 3.6.3 released
4x increase in waveform generation speed. Fix a buffer overflow when capturing with ALSA
12-07-2019 AeonWave version 3.6.2 released
Reduce waveform generation overhead. Fix a possible read beyond a buffer length when handling AAXS files. Fix OGG streams, a missing OGG framing-bit is not a reason to discard a stream as invalid.
02-07-2019 AeonWave version 3.6.1 released
Fix a massive buffer overflow when both reverb and delay (phasing/chorus/flanging) are defined for an audio frame.
25-06-2019 AeonWave version 3.6.0 released
Further work to support General MIDI 2.0, Combine phasing, chorus and flanging into the chorus effect and implement frequency-filtering of the delayed signal. Improvements to the handling of mangled audio-streams and harden the ICY stream data handling code. Fix a few small issues that causes audible artefacts.
19-02-2019 AeonWave version 3.5.7 released
Fix a bug where an incorrect data pointer was freed. Prevent a possible segmentation fault in the buffer destroy function of the aeonwave class. Fix frequency filter cutoff behavior for > 12dB/Oct filters. Fix the naming of aaxSensorGetMatrix64 and aaxAudioFrameGetMatrix64.
19-02-2019 AeonWave-utils 2.2.8 released
Add aaxplaymidi - play back midi files using AeonWave
Add aaxsstandardize - standardize AAXS configuration files
Add drawbar2aaxs - convert drawbar settings to an AAXS instrument file
Add GM 2.0 ready midi playback code.
24-12-2018 AeonWave version 3.5.6 released
Fix a segmentation fault in case of a (intentionally) corrupt AAXS file. Parse the socket or file reported size to the binary-format so the number of samples (with pcm8u samples) matches the number of bytes it reports back. Add a few new instruments.
08-12-2018 AeonWave version 3.5.5 released
3x to 8x speedup of batched RMS calculation. Speed up of about 25% for frequency filters. Massive speedup for audio-frames with no active sound emitters.
05-12-2018 AeonWave version 3.5.4 released
Add support for the fma3 and fma4 instructions. Fix a bug where data of filters or effects could be accessed when it was freed already. This was a leftover of the data swapping change.
01-12-2018 AeonWave version 3.5.3 released
Implement after-touch using pitch in the Instrument class. Fix a number of memory related issues as reported by valgrind. Prevent that filter or effect assignment will destroy a data structure which might still be in use by a thread.
07-11-2018 AeonWave version 3.5.2 released
Improve various instrument configurations. Speed and accuracy improvements for volume ramps (also used by the timed-gain filter). Fix an audible glitch when resetting (re-initializing) emitters while playing. Most noticeable for MIDI file playback.
13-10-2018 AeonWave version 3.5.1 released
Fix another issue with the delay effects. Improve various instrument configurations. Remove a debugging statement.
27-09-2018 AeonWave version 3.5.0 released
Add a C++ instrument header file which can be used to simulate a single, complete, musical instrument. And use it for the MIDI playback code in aax-utils. Re-initialize the emitter after it is set to suspended. This makes the emitter ready for the next playing state. Fix a possible race condition when using tied properties. AAXS generated buffers will now use mip-mapping to extend the pitch range beyond a pitch level of 32.
01-08-2018 AeonWave version 3.4.0 released
Add support for the ISO9613-1 specified distance attenuation model. If the ISO9613-1 distance model is applied, and the velocity effect was not yet set, then the corresponding speed of sound will be set automatically. Add a RingModulator effect, mainly to be able to simulate atmospheric anomalies for wireless communications.
20-07-2018 AeonWave version 3.3.0 released
Overhaul of the C++ classes to make them C++11 compliant. Add a Param class which encapsulates a float variable and which can be tied to a DSP parameter. Automatically convert an effect name like "effects/nature/birds" to a full path name using APP_DATA_DIR when it is parsed to the buffer retrieving function of the AeonWave class.
05-07-2018 AeonWave version 3.2.3-1 released
Fix AAX_SHARED_DATA_DIR support for Linux. Add and improve the shared instruments and effects. There where no code changes.
03-07-2018 AeonWave version 3.2.3 released
Fix a missing offset(enum aaxType) error for the AeonWave class. Fix a problem with AAX_SHARED_DATA_DIR support for Windows.
03-07-2018 AeonWave Support version 1.3.5 released
Add a test button to play the official sound logo. Add an apply button to save the current configuration without closing the app.
30-06-2018 AeonWave version 3.2.2 released
Fix a possible stream synchronization problem at the start of streams that support ICY meta-data song information.
23-06-2018 AeonWave version 3.2.1 released
Improved timing for some backends, SDL improvements and rename the angular filter (which was lost in translation) to directional filter.
16-06-2018 AeonWave version 3.2.0 released
Add SDL audio support for backends AeonWave does not support natively. Allow retrieving the data directory which AeonWave uses to store predefines preset files. Fix a number of potential buffer overflows. Fix a number of one-off memory leaks.
05-06-2018 AeonWave version 3.1.2 released
Add the bit-crusher filter to simulate (communication line) sound degradation. Fix a bug for the buffer management of the aeonwave class.
01-06-2018 AeonWave version 3.1.1 released
Add the aaxPlaySoundLogo() function to play back the official sound logo at the requested device. Add the option to mark an LFO based filter or effect 'stereo' for audio-frames. Bug fixes.
21-05-2018 AeonWave version 3.1.0 released
The major change for this release is added support for sound occlusion and for indoor sound propagation using ray-tracing techniques. The license now explicitly allows both GPL version 2 and GPL version 3. Distance-filter frequency response was added. Synthesizer sound generation code is made faster. Various fixes were applied among which for the matrix code.
05-01-2018 AeonWave version 3.0.11 released
Fix a speed regression for matrix multiplications.
24-12-2017 AeonWave version 3.0.10 released
Considerably speed up for envelope-following calculation. Protect against unrecognized filter or effect type definitions in AAXS files. Fix audio device detection on Linux if Pulse Audio is inactive. Fix the case where filters in the sound section of AAXS files could only be 12dB/Oct.
05-12-2017 AeonWave version 3.0.9 released
Prevent an endless loop for mangled WAV files.
Waveforms, filters and effects in the sound section of an AAXS file now are processed in the order of appearance. Fix static frequency filter anomalies at the loop points of AAXS defined waveforms.
11-11-2017 AeonWave version 3.0.8 released
Fix a problem for AAXS buffers added to AudioFrames.
Fix detecting directories with a dot in the name as not being a remote host. e.g.: sound.dir/file.mp3
07-11-2017 AeonWave version 3.0.7 released
Fix a problem where large AAXS files where truncated.
Reorganize the filter and effect cleanup for emitters, audio-frames and the sensor.
Add support for a static frequency filter and a static distortion effect within the section.
31-10-2017 AeonWave version 3.0.6 released
Postpone initialization of AAXS filter and effect code for emitters to make sure they will be set after initializing the mixer which could change parameters like the refresh rate. As a bonus it is now possible to stream different AAXS buffers one after the other.
Reduce getaddrinfo timeout considerably by specifying ai_family = AF_INET
Fix a bug where a suspended configuration could not be resumed.
21-10-2017 AeonWave version 3.0.5 released
Add the aaxGetFrequencyFilterTypeByName function.
Restructure the filter and effects code a bit to make it easier to remove allocated data. And use the new functionality.
Add function to the C++ support class to get the type, waveform_type, frequency_filter_type and distance_model by name
09-10-2017 AeonWave version 3.0.4 released
Add the option to repeat the timed-gain filter for a specified number of times. This could be useful for repeating sounds like alarm and clock sounds. If a timed-pitch effect is present for the same emitter then it will repeat at the same moment the timed-gain filter restarts.
Fix the buffer length when a file is specified for the sound section of an AAXS file.
03-10-2017 AeonWave version 3.0.3 released
Fix playback support to MP3 files.
Support WAV files with LIST adtl, bext, cue and smpl tags.
Allow specifying a file attribute in the sound section of AAXS files.
Allow processing, pitch, ratio and staticity to be attributes instead of sub-nodes of the XML waveform node for a shorter notation of the sound definition.
Fix a possible segmentation fault when a requested WAV file was not found.
29-09-2017 AeonWave version 3.0.2 released
Add a function to add a buffer to the dsp class.
Fix a bug in the matrix code which could create a stack smash.
23-09-2017 AeonWave version 3.0.1 released
Add a function to get the distance model by name.
use the proper distance model if type is DISTANCE for AAXS defined filters. Add functions to add a buffer object to the AeonWave and Frame classes.
Add the option to retrieve the original AAXS file when calling aaxBufferGetData when the buffer format is AAX_AAXS16S or AAX_AAXS24S.
Fix a few bugs for unusual situations in the new streaming code.
17-09-2017 AeonWave version 3.0.0
AeonWave version 3.0 "Devil Ray" is another milestone in several ways:

Licensing is updated to dual licensing for GPL and a commercial license. This also means there is no Lite version anymore.

The engine is updated to favor 64-bit architectures while still being 32-bit compatible.

The audio streaming code has had a major overhaul and is now tightly integrated. This allows the use of the streaming code to create buffer objects from sound files stored on remote web servers.

It is now possible to assign filters and effects to the mixer, audio-frames and emitters using AAXS encoded buffer objects. Almost anything in the AeonWave audio engine is controlled using filters and effects. AAXS files are AeonWave native XML encoded files which could be retrieved from remote web hosts using the new streaming code. This way filter and effect settings can be tweaked even after the release, no recompiling required.

17-09-2017 AeonWave-Support version 1.3.4 released
Support for AeonWave version 3.0+
17-09-2017 AeonWave-Utils version 2.2.4 released
Support for AeonWave version 3.0+
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