17-09-2017 AeonWave-Support version 1.3.4 released
Support for AeonWave version 3.0+
04-08-2016 AeonWave version 2.7.0 released
AeonWave 2.7.0 adds a complete new Open Source C++ header-only API which takes advantaged of C++ features. Furthermore a couple of bugs for unusual situations have been fixed.
08-08-2016 AeonWave-Support version 1.3.2 released
This version ports AeonWave-Support to Qt5 for Debian/Ubuntu and Fedora/Redhat. There is no change for other platforms.
15-10-2015 AeonWave version 2.6.2 released
A small bug-fix only update for mixer, frequency filter and distortion glitches.
27-09-2015 AeonWave-Support version 1.3.1 released
This version fixes version checking for AeonWave Config and adds VU meters and Favorites to AeonWave Player.
31-08-2015 AeonWave version 2.6.0 released
Major update to the frequency filters and looping code. Make active use of this update for Surround Sound and HRTF rendering. Minor bug fixes.
25-03-2015 AeonWave version 2.5.3 released
Decrease memory consumption considerably for loop-back capture and slightly for streaming sensors.
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