MIDI Files - Advanced Grooves instrument set

The following section shows a number audio tracks which are completely created using AeonWave's UltraSynth capabilities, using the synthesizer, filters and effects and audio streaming to an MP3 file.
Everything you will hear is generated by pure mathematics: sinuses and noise combined with filters and effects.

The instrument files used in these demo's differ from the standard instrument set that comes with the software. The Advanced Grooves instrument set sounds much more refined, is much more dynamic between notes and supports many more instrument parameters when compared to the default set. Like a different sound when playing soft or playing loud.

The Advanced Grooves instrument set is therefore intended for audio professionals such as musicians, audio content creators, audio hardware manufacturers and movie studios. Only commercial customers will have access to the enhanced Advanced Grooves instrument set.

The standard set is a simplified version of the Advanced Grooves instrument set which means there are less instruments included and it sounds a bit more crude when compared to the more refined Advanced Grooves instrument set.
But it also means that the default set uses up to 100% less CPU time when playing the same MIDI file.
Which helps game developers since more CPU power will remain available for gameplay.

instrument set instruments - programs(*) drums - notes(*) effects
default 120 - 153 139 - 147 90
Advanced Grooves 331 - 541 319 - 388 107
*) Programs and notes may be assigned to multiple banks for MT-32, GM, GM 2.0, GS and XG.

All instruments are placed in 3D space in an arc around the listener at an equal distance. The exact location is based on the panning property which is provided by the MIDI file. This setup makes it possible to move away from the stage when used in a game or virtual environment.

Standard Set
Rendering modes

Rising Sun Blues

Jazz Combo configuration

St. James Infirmary Blues

Jazz Combo configuration

The Original Charleston

Jazz Combo configuration

Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town

Jazz configuration