Sound Emitters

Sound emitters are the virtual representation of sound sources in 3D virtual space. They can move around independently or relative to the sensor and have position, orientation and velocity properties. The sound they produce is defined in one or more attached audio buffers. If more than one audio buffer is added to the emitter they get played in streaming mode; play the next available buffer and mark the previous one as processed. Playback will restart at the start of the buffer stream if the emitter is set to looping mode when streaming multiple buffers. Otherwise the loop-points of the audio buffer will be used.

In stereo playback mode audio an emitter is just one of the sound sources that will be mixed with the other emitters at the requested pitch and volume. In this mode multi-channel buffers pose no problem.

In 3D mode emitters are only able to replay mono audio buffers since it is unknown how multi-channel sound should be represented in 3D space. Instead of guessing it is up to the client application to handle it properly using position, orientation and directional audio cones. AeonWave makes it easy to select one track from a multi-channel audio buffer for playback.

Filters and Effects can be applied to individual emitters to alter the way they behave. All Filters and Effects, but the equalizers, reverb and convolution, can be added to emitters. There is no limit on the number of emitters that can have filters and/or effects applied simultaneously.