Company profile

Adalin B.V. is a privately held company which was founded in 2001 in Enschede-Twente in the Eastern part of The Netherlands.

Starting out as a web-hosting company just prior to the dot-com bubble, the focus has shifted to software development for multimedia and virtual reality projects. In particular towards research and development of multi dimensional audio virtualization software solutions. The company is specialized in optimizing code both for low memory demands and for high execution speed, resulting in low power consumption.

Besides working with Open Source software for over 25 years various contributions, large and small, have been made to support the Open Source ecosystem. Most noticeably is contributing to, and for a number of years maintaining, the Freeware Flight Simulator project FligthGear from it's infancy to where it is now: Competing with the best.

When rewriting the sound system used by FlightGear it was realized that it would be highly beneficial to get every model that moves in 3d space it's own sample-group. This let to the introduction of audio-frames for AeonWave.

Around 2015 research towards simulating acoustic and electric instruments using the software synthesizer and the vast amount of filters and effects provided by the AeonWave sound engine was started. This resulted in 2019 in the Advanced Grooves instrument set which is able to play back large MIDI productions in an 3d environment in real-time. Including 3d properties like sound distance attenuation, distance frequency filtering and Doppler effect.

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Erik Hofman - CEO, software engineer and founder of the company.

KvK: 08095981